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About Fencing Contractors and Repairing Expert in Perth

  • All Perth Fencing installs colourbond fences and colourbond gates in the Perth Metropolitan Area.
  • We are contractors and installers of Colorbond fences and Colorbond gates, not manufacturers of steel fencing.
  • We do not profit from the materials supplied but pass on costs direct from the distributors at distributor prices.

We choose to supply Colorbond fencing Products because they are of superior quality and we believe present the best value for money.

Our installers are experienced and mature, able to design and build Colorbond fences and Colorbond gates in the most challenging and different terrains.

Consultations are free and we can help to design that “something different” look or effect.

We provide quality and style without the silly prices, good taste does not cost any more than bad.

Apart from the best quality Colorbond steel privacy fencing and Colorbond gates, we can also custom make for you “one off” designs that will excite.

We Supply Fences for Perth Conditions.

Fences in Perth need to be able to withstand the weather conditions prevalent in Western Australia . The harsh summer sun and winter winds put the home fence in Perth to the test and there is nothing like a Colorbond steel fence to give you the durability that you need under these conditions. Unlike the older style of fence where the panel sits in the ground thereby making it susceptible to rotting and subsequent storm damage, your steel coloured fencing is installed at ground level where it is protected from rotting and corrosion. And of course your All Perth fence is termite proof, an important consideration when building here in Western Australia .

We Consider Your Needs When Installing Your Perth Fence.

Steel fences such as Colorbond and Gramline are ideal for Perth fencing needs such as boundary fences, subdivision, residential and commercial applications. Fences provide privacy and security for your family and pets insuring peace of mind.

Whatever your fencing requirements All Perth Fencing can tailor the solution to suit your needs.

Colorbond Fences and Colorbond gates manufactured from Bluescope steel

Prompt, informative, professional advice

Free Colorbond fencing and Colorbond gates quotes and competitive pricing

Existing fence removal including Asbestos, Hardifence/Super Six

All Perth Fencing ,coverage of all Perth suburbs north and south of the river

Insurance fencing quotes undertaken

Replacement Colorbond fencing to complete your home build or home improval.


Colorbond steel fences are preferred for many reasons, including the following:

  • Durability: as a steel structure, colorbond fences can withstand high winds, rain, and minor incursions from branches and other debris. In nearly every instance, the strength of a colorbond fence far surpasses that of conventional fencing.
  • Appearance: being available in many different colours and designs, colorbond fencing is seen as a way to differentiate your home property or business.
  • Maintenance: Thanks to its durability, and the unique process through which the colour adheres to the steel, the maintenance requirements are very low. Termite problems are a thing of the past. While all property requires an occasional cleaning, a colorbond fence keeps its luster throughout the duration of its guaranteed life, lowering your repainting and capital improvement costs.
  • Secure: being a solid structure made of steel, colorbond fencing is highly secure and difficult to break. This feature alone can effectively deter criminals from targeting your home or business.

With these benefits in mind, please feel free to Mail us directly for any questions you may have on fencing. Perth metropolitan region is our main focus of business, however if you are beyond this area, we may also be able to support your project or refer you to another fencing professional in your home town. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with you.

For those looking to install a new fence, or renovate an existing installation, our team of professionals can answer your questions about reliability, durability, and quality of colorbond fences and gates. We choose to specialize in this type of material due to its reputation as being a long-lasting cost-effective solution for homes and businesses.

Colorbond fences are secure and can withstand harsh weather year after year. As such, they retain their esthetic appearance for a long period of time, and can increase the value of your property. There are many different designs and options to choose from. If you have specific ideas in mind, please feel free to speak with one of our staff to discuss possible customizations and unique features. We also install fences with special lattice designs and fencepost tops.